Auto Detailing in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Reel Clean Marine LLC
Mobile Auto Detailing Services

Our mission is to renew and enhance your vehicle's look. We specialize in exterior and interior detailing and will have you feeling brand new inside and out. We only use the best auto detailing products in the industry to complete our jobs. We go for the highest standards possible while getting your vehicle serviced in a timely manner. We are 100% mobile and will go to any location that you are at. Contact us today to get a high quality auto detail.

Exterior Only

A wash and wax service and polishing of all the paint on the vehicle. We aim to restore the paint to its original condition. We use a high speed buffer to apply a compound that will remove all oxidized paint, and clear the painted surfaces or surface scratches. We then hand wax the vehicle to protect the finish.

Interior Only

We shampoo the fabric inside the vehicle including floor mats and fabric seats. We clean all other parts of the interior including the door panels, the dashboard, the ash trays, cup holders etc. For leather interiors, we use a water-based solution designed to clean the leather without damaging it.

Engine Detail

Engine is sprayed with degreaser, and then steam cleaned. Dirt and grime that collects on your engine is removed so you can be proud of whats under your hood.

Hand Wash & Wax

Soft glove hand wash, bug and tar removal, wheels, wheel wells, and tires cleaned, interior and exterior glass is polished, vacuum floors and seats, door jams cleaned and dried, tire shine is applied.

BMW - Myrtle Beach, SC Auto Detailing Serviced by Reel Clean Marine

Ford - Myrtle Beach, SC Auto Detailing Serviced by Reel Clean Marine

Ceramic Coating Protection

Add a Long Lasting Shield to Your Investment to Protect You From:

UV Rays Contamination Chemicals

Auto Detailing Packages

Premium Detail

Tired of a messy car or just in need of a thorough cleaning?

Our Premium Detail includes:

Exterior: Thorough foam wash, scrub, rinse, dry, wheels cleaned, tires cleaned and dressed, wheel wells cleaned and dressed, door jambs/trunk jambs cleaned, fuel fill cleaned.

Interior: Complete vacuum, all panels cleaned and wiped down, all door pockets/cupholders cleaned, vents/dash/radio area cleaned, under seats cleaned, seat tracks cleaned, glassed cleaned inside and out.

*Trucks and SUVs may cost more **Seat/Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing not included. *** Waxes/Sealants are extra

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Paint Enhancement

A one step paint enhancement might be all you need.

Our Paint Enhancement includes:

Exterior wash, clay bar to remove bonded contaminants, a one step buffing/polishing on all painted surfaces, followed up with a sealant to protect your paint after being restored. Price varies depending on condition.

Professional car detailing services in Myrtle Beach Area.

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Auto Detailing

Headlight Restoration

By wet sanding from 800 grit back up 2000 grit sand paper and adding a little buffing, We are able to turn yellow foggy headlights to a show room shine!

Clay Bar Treatment

Eliminates all kinds of contaminants above the surface of your vehicle's paint. Clay helps to easily maintain the paint on your vehicle, as the non-abrasive clay can effectively clean paint splatters, fallout, and environmental contaminants


Polishing is usually a multistage process as a range of different grades of polish are used, ranging from heavier cutting compounds, which remove the surface material, to finer products which then remove any marks that the heavier products may have inflicted and generally refine the finish.

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Auto Detailing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Reel Clean Marine
Auto Detailing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Reel Clean Marine
Auto Detailing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Reel Clean Marine